Sandalwood, the new way to diffuse!

Diffuser jewelry is an extremely popular way to reap the benefits of aromatherapy anywhere and everywhere. At Vitality Extracts, our original line of diffuser jewelry uses lava stones, which acts as a sponge-like carrier, soaking up the essential oils.

Now we have a brand-new line of diffuser bracelets made with sandalwood. It’s a strong, durable wood, frequently used for fine furniture, as well as carving. The oil from sandalwood is often used for aromatherapy.

The wood and the oil of sandalwood trees have a distinct and calming scent. Many religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, among others, consider it sacred and use both the oil and wood for various ceremonies and traditions.  Some religions believe it creates a connection between heaven and earth, so powdered sandalwood is used as a reminder of the fragrant heavens.

The wooden beads of Vitality Extracts’ sandalwood diffuser bracelets show the grains of the wood in various directions, making each bracelet unique.

Although Sandalwood is an expensive wood, Vitality Extracts is able to offer super reasonable prices on these lovely bracelets.

Here are the four new Sandalwood bracelets:

Truth Diffuser Bracelet

This bracelet combines blue Sodalite gemstone with sandalwood beads to use with your favorite Vitality Extracts essential oils.

Sodalite is a calming stone connected to the heart encouraging logic, truth, intuition, and inner peace. It promotes positivity and reduces negativity, supports emotional balance, and allows for better communication and change for positive perspective.

Harmony Diffuser Bracelet

In addition to the sandalwood beads, the Harmony bracelet has White Howlite gemstones, a calming, soothing stone that dispels anxiety and stress. It’s ideal for encouraging spirituality, patience, harmony, and meditation.

Growth Diffuser Bracelet

Tiger’s Eye gemstone and rich sandalwood beads are used for the Growth bracelet. Tiger’s Eye is a stone of perseverance that protects against negativity and promotes will power. It’s ideal for encouraging patience, persistence, confidence, and courage.

Connect Diffuser Bracelet

The Connect bracelet combines Agate with sandalwood. Agate boosts concentration and focus. It balances body, mind, and spirit, strengthening the body and calming the mind and spirit.


Apply a drop or two of essential oils to your finger or a cotton ball and lightly coat two or more of the sandalwood beads. The scent is typically diffused for 6 to 12 hours.

After the oils are absorbed, put the bracelet on, turning the coated beads to the inside of your wrist.

If you have a roll-on bottle of essential oil, roll the bottle between your hands before using to make sure the oil is mixed and then apply it to a few of the sandalwood beads of your diffuser bracelet. Reapply when necessary.

The sandalwood diffuser bracelets are becoming very popular. They’re light, stylish, and give you all the benefits of aromatherapy everywhere you go.


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