5 Reasons to Get to Know Myrrh

Myrrh essential oil is not an herb, but a resin that comes from the tree in the Commiphora family grown in the Middle East and Northern Africa. Its long history dates back to biblical days and is known as one of the gifts brought to the baby Jesus by one of the three wise men.

Its fragrant aroma is calming and centering; it’s been used for ages in aromatherapy. In addition, it’s great for the skin and has a number of health benefits. Myrrh has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-infectious, antiviral, antiseptic, astringent and tonic properties.

  1. Spiritual and Emotional Health—Add myrrh to your diffuser before you begin your meditation. It’s a very spiritual essential oil and has been used in religious rituals for thousands of years. The rich scent can help keep you focused, promote a state of enlightenment, and clear negative energy.
  2. Skin Health— Myrrh increases collagen production of the skin, tightens pores, and generates a supple tone. Mixed with carrier oil (10 drops per ounce of carrier oil), it soothes dry skin and is great for using in your own homemade skin products. Myrrh’s antioxidant properties make it a great choice to use for anti-aging, eczema, and stretch marks. It also gives skin a glistening glow.
  3. Joint Health— Myrrh is effective in reducing pain caused by arthritic joints. It’s used for inflammatory diseases and may help inflammation from rheumatoid arthritis. It is antibacterial and anti-fungal, helping reduce swelling and inflammation. Add a few drops to a cold compress and apply to the inflamed area; mix 10 drops with water in a diffuser; or blend with frankincense in carrier oil and rub into the affected area.
  4. Relieves anxiety, stress, and depression— The uplifting, yet relaxing scent of myrrh is calming and centering, helping reduce stress. It’s great for massages mixed with carrier oil or in a diffuser; also for a relaxing bath, add a few drops to your bath water. Apply to diffuser jewelry to keep the fragrance with you all day wherever you go. To add to the calming effect, check out the Serenity Diffuser Bracelet from Vitality Extracts.
  5. Colds, Coughs, and Respiratory Issues—Myrrh offers relief from congestion, coughs, colds, bronchitis, and sore throats. It works great for inhalation—mix a few drops in hot water and breathe in the steam. For a chest rub for adults, mix a couple of drops each of myrrh and frankincense in an ounce of coconut oil (or other carrier oil).

These are five of the many health benefits myrrh essential oil has to offer. Like many essential oils, it can help in a wide variety of ways. Myrrh essential oil from Vitality Extracts is 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade.

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