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Biblical Remedies For Thinning Hair

Proverbs 16:31 reminds us that gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of the righteousness. Proverbs 31:30 teaches us that charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. I try to remind myself this each morning as I stare into the mirror. I try not be vain, but it is not easy. Turning gray wasn’t hard, but when I started losing my hair, I admit I panicked. I felt ashamed. I was indeed feeling vain.

From a wonderful, providing husband to healthy children and loving grandchildren, The Lord has blessed me well over the years. Therefore, I don’t really like to complain about much, especially something as mundane as my hair. Unfortunately though, losing my hair become quite the conversational topic of others on Sunday and a major embarrassment for me. I felt humiliated and struggled just going to church. I like to always look my best in front of the congregation. But the situation was getting worse. I knew I couldn’t continue to ignore it or I would be wearing a wig by Christmas.

I didn’t want to wear a wig or have people stare at me in sympathy or horror. And thinning hair doesn’t happen to all women my age. Yet, for some reason, it was happening to me. While I didn’t know why I was losing my hair, I knew I should try to deal with it before it was too late. Hopeless, I turned to scripture.

It is there that I found comfort, inspiration and the courage to talk openly about my hair loss with my congregation. As if from divine intervention, it was then that I was introduced to Hair Envy. It is a all natural hair growth serum made from the pure essential oils of just 15 plant extracts. No artificial additives or synthetics, just 15 gifts from God.

I was reminded that people have been turning to plants and oils since biblical times, not just for Anointing Oil, but for natural relief for just about every ailment. Plants and their extracts were the modern day medicines of their times in Old Jerusalem. Today more and more people are turning away from synthetic chemicals and turning back to these pure natural remedies. Something about this simple all natural approach was appealing to me, using the same forms of remedies as the 12 apostles. Of course I was interested.

From the very beginning of Genesis, plants have been prized, proving to be fundamental for our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They truly are, too! After using the essential oils of the plant extracts I am about to tell you about, and seeing what they are capable of – I’m forever a believer.

But before I found out about these biblical remedies, I was researching every possible way to treat hair loss. Do you know how invasive some of the procedures out there are? Or how much they cost? Hair grafting. Hair transplants. Scalp reductions. Forget it! The pain, the price, the recovery period, the disgrace of it all—I wouldn’t do it. I refused!

Hair Envy was my miracle from above! This all-natural, affordable, easy to use hair solution was a gift from God. No pain. No toxic chemicals. No surgery or recovery. No ridiculous fees and procedures. No shame or embarrassment. In fact, I’m proud of myself, and my hair now.

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15 Sacred Plants Promoting Hair Growth

Hair Envy is a carefully crafted blend of just 15 of the most beneficial plant extract oils that promote a healthy scalp, and healthy hair growth. 100% Argan, Avocado, Jojoba, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Tea Tree, Juniper Berry, Amal, Spanish Sage, Castor, Cedarwood, Thyme, and Geranium. Many of these precious ingredients still grow native and are sustainably farmed in the Jordan Valley today.

As I mentioned, these ingredients are not new science, they date back to biblical times. For example, Lemongrass, or Calamus as it’s referred to in Exodus 30:23, was one of the main ingredients found in the holy anointing oil. According to Leviticus 14:49, Cedarwood was once seen as a sign of purity, while Eucalyptus is in the Myrtle family, which is referenced in Isaiah 41:19 and 55:13 as a fitting symbol of the recovery and establishment of God’s promise. Joseph even used Rosemary to help protect baby Jesus.

With all this history behind these ingredients, I was not surprised how fast I started seeing results with Hair Envy. It wasn’t just stopping my thinning hair, it was reversing it. I am so grateful that I did not turn to those costly and painful procedures. Another very attractive feature of using Hair Envy is just how easy it is to use.

Using Hair Envy Is Simple

  • Pre-wash TreatmentIf you want to use Hair Envy as a pre-wash treatment, simply massage a few drops of the solution into your scalp and hair before washing. This process will stimulate blood flow to your scalp and hair follicles, resulting in a fuller, thicker, healthier head of hair.
  • Leave-in ConditionerTo help ensure I never experience thin hair again, I use Hair Envy at least once a week as a deep conditioning treatment. After washing my hair, I towel dry it and then saturate it with the solution. I don’t even have to rinse it when done, just style it as usual.
  • Styling AssistanceIf you’re looking to increase the volume of your hair, add a few drops of Hair Envy to dry or damp hair. Simply rub the solution through your palms and then run your hands over the ends of your hair. Smooth over the top, and grab any fine hairs to keep them in place.


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