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This Is How I Calm My Dog The All-Natural Way

I feel guilty every time I leave my beagle, Buddy home alone. I think of that sweet, little face, that wagging tail. My dog can’t speak for himself, but if he could, what do you think he’d say? Maybe Buddy would tell me not to go, or that he gets nervous every time I leave him behind.

My neighbors have complained about constant barking throughout the day. Barking that my vet says, occurs because my dog is stressed and has separation anxiety. This was really stressing me out too. I was worrying about my best friend, feeling as if I’ve failed him.

My dog is not like my child; he is my child. Abandoning my beagle, Buddy, just to go to work every day was becoming unbearable. Not only did I have to worry about him, his needs, but I also had my neighbors to consider. They were quickly losing their patience. My work suffered, too, because I couldn’t focus. The only thing on my mind was Little Buddy, and how I was “neglecting” him.

Thankfully, I discovered Peaceful Pup: a safe, all-natural solution that both soothed and calmed my dog’s anxiety.

But before I get into all of the wonderful benefits of Peaceful Pup—and trust me, there are many—I want to tell you more about Buddy because if you have a four-legged, furry friend, you can definitely relate to my story.

I adopted my adorable beagle when he was just six months old. Cuddly, friendly, and full of energy, bringing little Buddy home was the best decision I’d ever made. Except, once the weekend was over and Monday morning came, I had to go back to work, and leave my puppy behind.

Things got bad and then went from bad to worse extremely fast.

It started innocently enough with Buddy ripping up toilet paper. No big deal. I simply shut the bathroom door. Then, he got into the garbage. There were coffee grounds everywhere! My cuddly, friendly, full-of-energy puppy then started leaving me “presents” all around the apartment—I stepped in one, completely barefoot!

If the messes weren’t enough, then Buddy took to scratching everything in my home he could get his little paws on—furniture, walls, the front door. He also ripped up the carpet in my hallway. Guess I won’t be getting my security deposit back.

All of these issues, while upsetting, could be easily fixed or cleaned up.

But then the barking started.

At first, the neighbors were nice, even understanding. But after a few weeks, they (rightfully so) got upset, annoyed, and threatened to complain to the landlord. I immediately feared eviction! What was I going to do? I obviously wasn’t going to get rid of my little Buddy, my child! That definitely wasn’t an option.

The quality of my work was down, and my home life was on the verge of collapsing. I was at my wit’s end—stressed, scared, and confused.

That’s when I learned about Peaceful Pup.

What Is Peaceful Pup?

Simply put, Peaceful Pup is an all-natural solution, carefully crafted of just seven ingredients taken directly from Mother Nature, used to help dogs unwind, relax, and stay calm. These ingredients include:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Geranium
  • Frankincense
  • Cypress
  • Lemon
  • Almond

Peaceful Pup isn’t a medication or a drug—nothing of the sort. Can you imagine? Actually drugging your dog, putting him in a thick haze each day? No way! How is that safe, healthy, or fair?

Instead, I use this perfect blend of essential oils, each of which promotes peace and tranquility.

For example, lavender has been proven to work as a natural remedy for treating signs of anxiety. It helps with depression symptoms, reduces stress, and is known for it uplifting and soothing qualities. Chamomile both relieves anxiety and calms nerves while inducing relaxation. Geranium is a natural antidepressant, sedative, and muscle-relaxer that eases breathing. Frankincense offers a calming and tranquil energy and quiets the mind. Cypress, as well as Lemon, has sedative and anxiety-reducing properties. Finally, the almond oil found in Peaceful Pup works as a carrier oil, allowing the rest of the ingredients to be flawlessly fused together.

As you can see, on their own, these ingredients are potent and highly effective. Can you imagine what happens when they’re mixed together?

No negative side effects. No outrageous prices. Just a secure, one-of-kind solution to run through your dog’s fur that will leave him feeling at peace when you’re not around. If your dog could speak, he would thank you for using Peaceful Pup.

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