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Leaving My Dog Was Always a Heart-Wrenching Nightmare—Until I Discovered Peaceful Pup

Although I love my job, I have to travel regularly, and my 3-year-old Frenchie, Rocky, does not take it too well. Rocky’s pacing, panting and whimpering would start the second I started packing. By the time I lugged the suitcase down the stairs he was barking and drooling all over the place. Rocky clearly had separation anxiety and I was clearly heartbroken.

I would try to make myself feel better by telling myself that he’ll be ok. He’s in good hands with my next door neighbor, who has known him since he was a puppy. But I knew for that first couple of days, Rocky was in a deep funk. He wouldn’t eat and would just lie by my neighbor’s front door all day.

All this had me feeling really guilty and I began questioning my career ambitions. I couldn’t stand to see Rocky suffer any longer.  I became desperate to find a solution for Rocky’s separation anxiety—and mine!

Thankfully, my vet told me about Peaceful Pup and it’s been nothing short of a miracle for both of us. Now before I leave for a trip, Rocky and I share a loving farewell and I feel at ease until I return.

All Natural Peaceful Pup – 100% Safe For Dogs of All Breeds and Ages

Before I started using Peaceful Pup, I thought about putting Rocky on medication. But for dogs, there’s the same risk as for humans in taking meds: nasty side effects. I wasn’t willing to risk my best friend feeling drowsy and sedated with a blurred vision all day, just a few of the side effects of a popular medication I researched for dogs.

With Peaceful Pup, I don’t have to worry about any of that. It’s 100% natural.

So what is Peaceful Pup? What’s in it that makes it so effective for calming Rocky’s nerves?

Peaceful Pup is a powerful combination of nature’s 7 best plant oils for reducing anxiety and stress in canines:

  • Lavender
  • Chamomile
  • Geranium
  • Frankincense
  • Cypress
  • Lemon
  • Coconut

These plants have been used for thousands of years for their calming effect, and there are even studies on dogs that prove some of these oils reduce anxiety.

How Does Peaceful Pup Work?

During one study, lavender helped dogs spend significantly more time resting and sitting, and less time moving and vocalizing during the travel experiment. I’ve never taken Rocky with me on a trip but if I do, you can bet I’ll be using Peaceful Pup!

Chamomile has been used for centuries to help people relax and calm the nervous system. A 2017 study concludes it can significantly induce relaxation.  Frankincense, one of the most prized botanicals for thousands of years—it’s mentioned at least 17 times in the Bible—has a renown positive effect on emotional well-being. If your dog displays aggressive behavior, such as attacking a suitcase when you’re getting ready to leave, it will help to calm your canine down.

Geranium has been shown by research to possess natural antidepressant, sedative, and muscle-relaxing properties. It also helps ease breathing. Both lemon and cypress oil have been found in preliminary studies in animals to have sedative and anxiety-reducing properties. Finally, virgin coconut oil is a carrier oil that makes it possible to blend this one of a kind calming remedy for dogs.

How Do You Use Peaceful Pup?

In the morning whether leaving for the office or for the airport, I pour about 10 drops of Peaceful Pup into my oil diffuser in my living room, which is Rocky’s favorite place to relax. I just let the diffuser run all morning and by the time I’m ready to leave, Rocky is blissfully calm and relaxed. I see absolutely no sign of stress or nervousness whatsoever.

When I ordered Peaceful Pup, I bought the value pack and also got 3 free roll-on bottles which make this next step real easy. About 5 or 10 minutes before I get ready to leave for the day (or for a trip), I take the roller and rub it on my hands a few times and then I massage the oil into Rocky’s neck. As you can imagine, Rocky loves it.

Peaceful Pup is effective in calming dogs under any stressful situation. I bring a roll-on bottle with me on walks and to the dog park in case he gets nervous around other dogs. It calms Rocky when we have a house guest and it even works during loud thunderstorms (which if you’ve ever spent a summer in Tampa Bay where I live, you know storms are a near daily occurrence).

Is Peaceful Pup Guaranteed to Work?

Yes. Peaceful Pup comes with a 60-day risk free satisfaction guarantee. This was important to me because before Peaceful Pup, I had tried a few medications that neither me nor Rocky were satisfied with. Trust me, if your dog is overly aggressive, suffers from Separation Anxiety, Stress or all the above, there’s nothing that will calm your best friend like Peaceful Pup.

Order Peaceful Pup Now—Sell Out Risk Is High!

You can only purchase Peaceful Pup direct from the manufacturer, Vitality Extracts. Ordering is fast and easy and they offer free shipping on every order. Right now, they are running a sale and have added a Free Roll-On Bottle promotion too. You can save up to 50% and get a free roll-on bottle for every bottle you buy, but they limit you to 3 free bottles per transaction.

If you want this product, you have to hurry! Peaceful Pup has become so popular that it sells out quickly. Keeping it in stock has proven to be difficult. Just click this link or the coupon below for your free gift bottles. Act now; this limited offer ends today and can’t be found anywhere else! Go ahead, give you and your dog the peace of mind you both deserve before they sell out!

This is a one time purchase with no hidden additional cost, subscriptions or obligations.

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  • Sandi W. B.

    I use this on our anxious dachshund, and, amazingly, it works!

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