The Simple Non-Addictive Solution For Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Recently, I was on a date at a coffee shop with an attractive woman I met on a dating app for single parents. The date ended with a slap in my face but in a way, it saved my life….

I know it’s bad form to talk about yourself too much on a date. It’s even worse to spew verbal diarrhea about your problems. But when she asked me what I did for a living, how many kids I have and if I get along with my ex, I had to come clean: highly stressful project manager job; 2 kids (Angelo, 6; Monica 3); alimony and child-support totaling 3k a month; and no I don’t get along with my ex, to put it mildly.

I told her how for the last five years, I could probably count on my hands how many quality nights of sleep I’ve had.

Thankfully, my date had a solution for my restless sleep. And even though I’ll probably never have another date with her again, her solution was nothing short of a miracle. I will be forever grateful for her (and online dating apps).

But the thing for finally getting continuous restful sleep my date recommended wasn’t her first advice.

Here’s what she initially suggested:

“Each night before going to bed, you need to take half an hour to open your heart chakra by doing some pranayama breathing exercises and lie down in shavasana pose and visualize a blissful, deep slumber.”

“Ain’t nobody got time for that meditation and yoga voodoo. That New Agey hocus pocus stuff isn’t for me,” I replied.

Her jaw dropped as I continued, “At the end of the day, especially when it’s my turn with the kids, all I want to do is get my Netflix on and pass out on the couch for a couple hours.”

But dissing her hippie-dippie lifestyle wasn’t what got me slapped in my face. (I’ll share with you what did in just a bit….)

I’m just so thankful that my date had something to show me behind door #2.

Introducing All-Natural, Non-Habit Forming SWEET DREAMS

Hey, even though yoga isn’t for me, I’m not against going the natural route to help me sleep through the night and not feel like I’m hungover the next day. I’ll give anything a shot that will help me ditch my habit of needing 4 cups of coffee before 11 a.m. to wake from the dead.

So when my date turned me on to Sweet Dreams, my heart chakra might not have been open, but I was definitely open-minded enough to give it a try.

After all, I’ve tried just about everything to help me fall asleep and stay asleep:

Vodka (obviously, not a good idea); melatonin (works some of the time but loses its effectiveness); antihistamines (knocks me out but feel like crap in the morning); addictive prescription pills (I stopped when I got bad night sweats); and a popular over-the-counter product that’s loaded with artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners and ingredients I can’t pronounce and have no idea if they’re safe and don’t have the time to research.

Yup, I’ve tried just about everything with the exception of hypnosis, and, of course, yoga and meditation. (Maybe one day I’ll give it a try; too busy now!)

But Sweet Dreams is by far the easiest and most effective thing I’ve ever used. And for the last few months, I’ve felt absolutely blissed out when I wake up in the morning (with the exception of the days I write the monthly alimony check). Heck, if this is what yoga feels like, I might try it sooner than later.

Sweet Dreams: 5 Plant Oils, Nothing Else

I still haven’t told you the reason why my date slapped me. I’m just about to get to that. But, before her palm introduced itself to my 5 o’clock shadow, here’s what she told me about Sweet Dreams.

It’s just 5 oils that come from plants. That’s it. And what’s so special about these plants is that they all help wind you down at night, no matter how much your mind is racing.

Lavender oil is like a natural sedative. My date told me that it’s even used to treat anxiety and depression. Sweet Dreams also contains chamomile. Turns out chamomile tea has been used for centuries to help people sleep. My date explained that the oil from the plant has soothing, mellowing out properties. Herbalists use it to help people overcome anxiety and trouble sleeping.

Orange oil is used for stress and inducing a cheerful yet relaxed and calm state. It can even lower your heart rate. The other two oils in Sweet Dreams are coriander, which helps set both your mind and body at ease, and juniper berry, which helps you feel calm and relaxed all night.

Say Goodbye to Tossing & Turning—The Natural Way

As I said goodnight to my date, she asked me for my address. Score! I thought she was totally into me and wanted to come over later that night. But as it turns out, she explained she wanted to send me a bottle of Sweet Dreams to try.

“Wow. Thanks. You know, if this Sweet Dreams works out for me, maybe we can take it together one night so we can blissfully fall asleep in each other’s arms,” I said.


In truth, it was barely harder than a love tap.

My date and I went out a few more times. Ultimately, there wasn’t enough of a connection to have it go anywhere. But we’re still friends. And I thank my lucky stars she introduced me to Sweet Dreams.

Who woulda thunk it? My sleep problem solved by just 5 plants and nothing else.

It’s so easy to use. You just pour a few drops into an oil diffuser (my date shipped me one along with a roller bottle of Sweet Dreams). And you can also use a Sweet Dreams roller bottle and apply it to the soles of your feet. It’s that easy. It works within minutes. And I stay asleep!

Sweet Dreams Free Roll On Offer

Don’t Delay. Order Sweet Dreams Today!

Look, I admit, I got totally lucky. Had I not gone on that date, I probably would have never heard about Sweet Dreams.

But if you want to get lucky like me and experience blissed out sleep like a part-time yoga teacher who is a single trustfunder with no kids, you have to order Sweet Dreams now.

My date told me that when she ordered, the company that makes Sweet Dreams was down to their last 100 bottles and rarely keeps a large inventory.

You have nothing to lose because the company offers a 100% no-questions-asked 60-day money-back guarantee.

However, you have to buy it direct from the manufacturer.  That’s because Sweet Dreams is not sold anywhere else. You can click this link or the coupon below to get the discount and free bottle offer. Hurry! Order now if you want to end your sleep problems for good.

Sweet Dreams Coupon

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