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When it Comes to Wrinkles, Less is More.

Before finding Skin Envy, I was using a ridiculous amount of products in my skincare regimen. I was putting on so many layers of spray toner, serum, face cream, eye serum and eye cream on every day. I had been suckered into the trap of the skincare industry, thinking I needed all of these products. My face was literally sticky when I got done with my routine. My pores were clogged and I still had sun spots and wrinkles around my eyes and forehead.

I called my friends, who suggested different products. Many of them were getting botox injections, using many ‘advanced’ skin care products & treatments, and I wondered if that was the only solution. I wasn’t looking for another $200 skin cream. So I started looking less evasive and costly alternatives.

Then I heard about essential oils for skin care: how they don’t clog pores, how they soak into the skin, and how different oils offer different benefits. Some oils are high in Vitamins A, C & natural retinols that renew the skin. Many are antioxidants, others smooth fine lines and wrinkles while several oils encourage collagen production. I learned about Skin Envy, which is an amazing blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade oils carefully crafted into a potent anti-aging serum. It uses just 5 all natural plant extracts that are essential for collagen production. Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Vanilla and Coconut. Thats it. No synthetics, fillers, chemicals or additives. Just Mother Nature in a bottle.

I learned that these powerful plant extracts were cold pressed into pure essential oils that heal and nurture aging skin. Each of these 5 oils on their own have amazing anti-aging properties. When blended together in the right proportions, the end result is nothing short of a miracle. With the help of research, chemists, aestheticians, professional skin care formulators and aromatherapists, Skin Envy became the most potent, effective anti aging serum on the market.

As soon as I tried Skin Envy for myself I was hooked! My skin looked and felt better than ever. I was able to drop all of my other moisturizers and serums, even eye cream. My wrinkles and sun spots faded away, without any chemicals or ‘advanced’ treatments. One astounding change was that using this serum made the clogged pores around my nose and chin go away, and the damaged pores shrunk down to normal size. It was simply results from the concentrated nutrition in the oil. They had created the perfect face oil moisturizer, with just the right amounts of each oil for a balanced blend… the All-In-One product to replace all the other products in my cabinet. So less is truly more when it comes to skin care, when you have all the right ingredients in one bottle!

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