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The 10 Most Common Hair Problems Solved!

We are all obsessed with our hair and nobody likes a bad hair day. All of us, no matter what hair type we have, has at least one common hair problem at any given point of time. 

Our hair comes in plenty of different lengths, colors, styles and textures. It can be wavy and long, short and straight, unmanageable and frizzy or shiny and smooth. Nevertheless, having healthy hair becomes more difficult than ever cause of many reasons. In this article, I will cover some of the most common hair problems, from damaged hair to hair loss and present all natural remedies to achieve instant results. Read on to try to determine your hair problems and find the best ways to deal with them as soon as possible.

The List Of The 10 Common Hair Problems You May Face:

1. Hair Loss


One of most common hair problems that everyone should address early is hair loss. Hair loss is common among both men and women. For most men, it can be male-pattern balding; whereas hair loss in female is often caused by medication, stress, hormonal changes and even menopause. Additionally, many hair-styling treatments that have excessive heat or products that have harsh chemicals can lead to hair loss. You should try to limit your use of heat treatments.

To treat hair loss, you should chose a shampoo and conditioner formulated for those who have hair loss. Regular use of Essential Oils will rejuvenate the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth while healing and cleansing the follicles from damage cause by treatments and hair product residues. I will cover more about which specific oils and blends further down below. Adding these oils to your shampoo makes applying the oils easy.

2. Lack Of Volume

Lack of volume is another common hair problems for both men and women. Some of the reasons that result in the lack of volume of your hair include low iron levels, thyroid problems, nutrition as well as hormone-related conditions. It is also caused by using a wrong shampoo or conditioner for your hair or using conditioner all over the hair instead of just the mid-length to ends.

To add volume to your hair, use mild shampoo and conditioners that cleanse your hair gently. A roller is a good tool that may help to add volume and curls. Also, to repair your hair and add volume to it, try using Essential Oils regularly for healthier, thicker, fuller hair.

3. Frizzy Hair

Managing and controlling frizzy hair is one of the most common issues for people who want to have shiny, silky and bouncy hair. A main cause of frizzy hair is dehydration. When the level of moisture in their locks decreases below normal, people will suffer from frizzy hair. According to a study, 12-15% of the composition of the hair is made up by water. When the hair cuticles are sealed with natural oils or sebum and the moisture is balanced, you will have smooth and shiny hair. On the contrary, if the moisture level drops, the hair will become damaged and dry, leading to frizzy hair.

According to a study, applying specific Essential Oils to your hair can help tame frayed frizzy hair. To make it more manageable, try adding a little to wet hair before styling. 

4. Split Ends


This is one of the most common hair problems for all of us. Regular straightening, blow-drying, highlighting and perming can harm your hair, leaving it broken, brittle and unmanageable. Dry hair and split ends are two common casualties of over-styling.  Excessive heat and styling can cause split ends, which turn up when the protective topmost layer of hair is damaged. Some simple treatments for split ends and dry hair include:

  • Avoid towel-drying: If you want to dry out your hair with a help of a towel, gently rub it.
  • Gently brush with a soft hairbrush and do not over-brush.
  • Addition to this, hair needs moisture and specific oils to keep the hair looking healthy.

In order to keep the moisture in the hair and keep the ends of the hair healthy, you should try following some of these tips:

  • Limit blow-drying and using hot irons, curling irons or hot rollers.
  • Increase the time between your hair treatments like perms and dyes.
  • Do not wash the hair every day unless you get a scalp condition like dandruff, which requires daily shampooing for control. Whenever you wash the hair, use a mild shampoo designed to lock in moisture into the hair.
  • Use Essential Oils for your hair as a leave on conditioner regularly. I will cover more about which specific oils and blends further down below.

5. Dry And Brittle Hair

A lot of people in the world suffer from dry and brittle hair. Most people think that dry and brittle hair is just a type of hair. But the fact is that dry and brittle hair is one of the most common hair problems that both women and men have to deal with. Having dry brittle hair means that the hair is facing a common problem and required to be well-treated before it results in many different hair problems including frizzy hair, split ends, thinning hair, hair loss and hair breakage.

The lack of moisture and natural oil, which is responsible for keeping the hair healthy is the main cause of dry and brittle hair. This can occur because of exposure to the wind, sun and dry air, using heating techniques on the hair too often, washing the hair too often or over-coloring the hair.

To hydrate your hair strands and add moisture, you should use Essential Oils on your hair regularly. Applying essential oils like argan, avocado, jojoba and juniper to the hair is also good for making your dry and brittle hair shiny, soft and manageable. Another thing you need to remember is to never comb your hair when it is damp as this can lead to hair breakage and split ends.

6. Oily Hair

Another one on the list of most common hair problems that you should know and then try to deal with must include oily hair. The hair scalp has a natural oil called sebum and this helps to keep the scalp lubricated. Sometimes, the sebaceous glands work overtime and produce too much sebum, resulting in a greasy hair scalp. The hair can look limp, dull and lifeless and it may be harder to manage. In order to deal with greasy hair, consider washing it with a mild shampoo that is formulated to control natural oil. Once cleansed, it is important to keep your scalps oil levels balanced. Using Essential Oils is the easiest way to prevent oily hair as well as over drying. 

7. Dull Hair

Another one of the most common hair problems is dull hair. Shiny and glossy hair shows your vitality, youth and health. In contrast, limp and lifeless-looking hair may make you look older than you are actually. Some factors leading to dull hair include chemical damage, chlorine damage, heat-styling damage, improper styling techniques, stress and even environmental factors can lead to dull hair. Use Essential Oils To treat and protect dull hair. 

8. Flyaway Hair

Another one on the list of the most common hair problems that you should know is flyaway hair. Dry hair can create electricity by rubbing, building up a triboelectric charge. You can fix your flyaway hair by applying Essential Oils with the help of a bristle toothbrush. This way, you can apply the proper oils without overloading your hair. Also, you can add some onto a toothbrush and gently brush it through flyaway hair strands in order to tidy them.

9. Fried Strands

If you treat your hair often, you probably have fried strands. To deal with this hair problem, you should use Essential Oils as a leave on conditioner on your hair at least once a week. This will help seal the hair cuticles to leave your hair feeling glossy and ultra-rich. For better results, cover your hair with a shower cap after applying the oils or blend. This helps to create enough heat that makes the moisturizing product penetrate further into your hair shaft, thus improving its efficacy.

10. Flaky Scalp & Dandruff

Many people consider that flaky scalp and dandruff are the same, but in fact, they are 2 different hair problems with different causes and treatments. Aside from limiting natural hair growth, flaky scalp is also a cause of severe hair loss.

Lack of moisture can be blamed for flaky scalp. Also, it can be worsened by cold weather, using soap, product buildup, diet and hard water as well as using strong detergents. To defeat this hair problem, you can massage Essential Oils into your scalp and letting it soak unrinsed at night. This remedy will help to restore the pH on the hair scalp. Also, reduce use of hair-styling products that contain harsh chemicals. Additionally, consuming essential vitamins and minerals is also a good way to treat your flaky scalp. 

Dandruff or scaly particles that cling to the hair’s root can occur due to an infection, a poor diet or even a sluggish metabolism. When you have to face dandruff, you should use an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner. Actually, dandruff is one of the most common hair problems that you may suffer from at least once in your lifetime. Tea Tree Essential Oil is the best known remedy to treat dandruff. Blending it with additional oils is a great way to protect your hair and prevent dandruff from reoccurring.


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