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4 Essential Oils to Help Get those Beach Curls

Whether you’re going to the beach or not, you can get beach curls and look like you just stepped off the beach with simple DIY recipes using essential oils.

Let’s take a look at the 4 essential oils used in these recipes—all of them are great for your hair.

  1. Lavender essential oil—promotes hair growth, helps prevent hair loss, relieves itching; has antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic properties; soothing to the scalp and is great for all hair types—normal, flaky, dry, and oily. Lavender helps control dandruff and keeps your hair shiny.
  2. Rosemary essential oil—improves hair growth and thickness, stimulates the roots, helps prevent baldness, promotes healing, and increases circulation in the scalp. It can also slow graying. Like lavender, it’s good for dandruff and dry scalp, minimizing itching and flakes. Rosemary is ideal for all hair types—from dry hair to oily. It can help prevent split ends, too.
  3. Lemon essential oil—especially beneficial on very oily hair, helping to dry up some of the excess oil, although it’s also beneficial for dandruff and flaky scalps, due to its antiseptic benefits. Lemon stimulates circulation, which helps increase hair growth. Effective against lice. Use at night so as to avoid the sunlight, as lemon is a phototoxic essential oil.
  4. Peppermint essential oil—good for any hair type, oily to dry; opens the pores producing a balanced flow of oils. Its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties help treat dandruff and lice. It reduces skin inflammation, promotes hair growth and thickness, and stimulates the scalp.

Get those beautiful, carefree curls with one of these recipes:


Mix the following ingredients in a bowl, then pour into a spray bottle:

1 cup of purified or distilled water

1 tablespoon of sea salt

1 tablespoon of aloe vera gel

1 tablespoon of fractionated coconut carrier oil

6 drops of Lavender essential oil


In a bowl, whisk together:

2 tablespoons for Epsom salt

1 tablespoon of fractionated coconut carrier oil

2 cups of hot distilled or purified water

5 drops of Rosemary essential oil

5 drops of Lemon essential oil

Pour into a spray bottle.


In a spray bottle, combine:

½ teaspoon of sea salt

1 ½ teaspoons of fractionated coconut carrier oil

10 drops of Peppermint essential oil

5 drops of Lavender essential oil

½ cup of purified or distilled water

2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel

5 drops of Vitamin E


When you are ready to use your DIY Beach Curl Spray, shake well, spray on damp hair, scrunch hair with your hands, and air dry.

Even if you haven’t been near the beach, be prepared to hear: “Damn, Girl! Did You Just Step Off the Beach?!”


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