7 Surprising Benefits of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

When it comes to essential oils, you’ve probably heard of lavender, tea tree, and sandalwood, but have you ever heard of ylang-ylang?

Pronounced “eee-lang eee-lang”, this lesser-known essential oil is derived from the tropical ylang-ylang tree native to Indonesia, the Philippines, and Polynesia and has been used throughout history for its aromatic and medicinal properties. With a name that means “flower of flowers”, ylang-ylang has a sweet, floral aroma that makes it a popular ingredient in perfumes, including the highly coveted Chanel No. 5.

So what do you use ylang-ylang for? A lot, it turns out. This powerful essential oil has countless surprising benefits from lowering high blood pressure to preventing wrinkles. Read on to discover 7 reasons why ylang-ylang should become one of your essential oil staples!

1 – Haircare: For centuries, ylang-ylang has been used as a hair thickening agent, as it stimulates hair follicles and boosts blood circulation on the scalp, helping hair to grow thick and long. Add a few drops to your shampoo and conditioner, or create a nourishing hair treatment by mixing it with coconut oil.

2 – Skincare: A common ingredient in high-end cosmetics, ylang-ylang can help prevent wrinkles, clear acne, and give your face a delightful glow. Add a few drops to coconut oil and massage it onto your skin once or twice daily to give your face a little TLC.

3 – Aphrodisiac: You heard that right. Throughout history, Indonesians have decorated the beds of newlyweds with ylang-ylang to set the mood on their wedding night. Known to increase libido, ylang-ylang is a sexy oil to diffuse during a sultry night in.

4 – Heart health: Studies have shown that ylang-ylang can improve blood circulation and lower high blood pressure, without the serious side effects commonly associated with hypertension medications. Add a few drops to hot tea or take a few deep inhales directly from the bottle to start reaping the benefits.

5 – Reduce anxiety: Much like lavender, the relaxing aroma of ylang-ylang can help calm the body and mind, sedating feelings of anxiety, depression, and chronic stress from everyday life. Diffuse it in your home or office to manifest a tranquil, stress-free environment.

6 – Energy boost: If you find yourself chronically fatigued, the energizing properties of ylang-ylang can instantly perk you up. Place a few drops on your diffuser jewelry to help get you through the day.

7 – Muscle pain: A natural anti-inflammatory, ylang-ylang can help soothe sore muscles when massaged directly onto the skin. You can also add a few drops to a warm bath to relieve those aches and pains.

Now that you are aware of the many benefits of using our ylang-ylang essential oil, purchase now and get over 40% off your purchase!

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