3 Essential Oils for DIY Eyebrow Gel

In case you haven’t heard, the bushy eyebrow look is still very much IN. And if you’re working hard to grow yourself a pair of brows on par with Cara Delevingne, you’re going to need an eyebrow gel to shape those babies and keep them in place all day, so you look more like red carpet-ready Emilia Clarke and less like a Wildling.

While you can find eyebrow gel at basically any makeup or drug store, most of the products on the shelf are thick, clumpy, and made with chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin.

Using synthetic products so close to your eyes is never a good idea, so instead go the au natural route and make a DIY eyebrow gel at home using pure aloe vera gel and all natural essential oils. Not only will this help keep your unruly hairs in place, but the oils will actually stimulate growth to help you achieve those lush brows you see on the runway.

The following essential oils can help get your brows on fleek, as the kids say:

1 – Rosemary Oil: One of the most effective essential oils for hair growth, rosemary is thought to increase the cellular metabolism that stimulates hair follicles.

2 – Lavender Oil: Containing a variety of vitamins and minerals, lavender nourishes hair to prevent it from becoming dry and brittle.

3 – Cedarwood Oil: A common treatment for thinning hair, cedarwood increases circulation to the scalp which helps with hair growth.

How to Make DIY Eyebrow Gel:

In a mascara tube, combine the following ingredients:

-1 tsp 100% pure aloe vera gel
-5 drops essential oil – use one of the above, or a mix of all three

For a tinted gel, you can add cocoa powder, beet powder, activated charcoal, or ginger powder to achieve various shades.

Have fun with it, and enjoy your new look!

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