Can All Natural Skincare Be Safe And Effective?


oday I’m featuring an amazing anti-aging skin care product I found called Skin Envy. Its quickly gaining popularity because it’s 100% all natural and known for having unbelievable results. After watching what it did for so many of my friends, I was curious about what this powerful anti aging serum could do for me. From fine lines and wrinkles on my face to that dreaded crepey skin showing up all over my body, I was desperate and couldnt wait to try it.

No sugar coating it, Once I hit my 30’s my skin started aging fast. I noticed it first on my face and neck. By the time I turned 40 it had caught up with my chest, hands, arms, legs, everywhere.  Lately it was getting worse and really causing me to feel insecure about myself. Im not ready to give up, but I didnt know what, if anything, I could to at least slow down the clock.

What Causes Sagging Skin?

Over time, our skin becomes thinner and loses elasticity since collagen production dramatically slows down as we age. Add stress, weather and genetics and the result is dry, crinkly, crepey, paper-like skin that is hard to repair and rejuvenate. The wrinkles and fine lines that we get makes many of us look and feel so much older than we really are and there is nothing graceful about that!

Im not interested in botox injections or putting crazy chemicals on my face and body. I couldnt find anything out there that actually worked. But then I found out about all-natural Skin Envy which was designed without any harsh additives or chemicals and formulated with just 5 pure natural ingredients, custom belended to safely and effectivly treat aging skin.

What Made Me Try Skin Envy?

Alright, confession time…  In addition to the age spots and wrinkles on my face, the fine lines and sagging skin on my neck and chest were becoming more and more visible each day. I really started to lose my self confidence. The god-awful horizontal rings that were forming across my neck are apparently called a “necklace.” I started buying regular T-shirts instead of V-necks, and also bought some summer scarves to wear out to cover my chest. Not only for sun protection, but to hide my chest wrinkles!

It’s mainly these three areas – my face, neck and chest – that are making me feel older than I feel inside! I’m in my 40’s now but I feel every bit in my early 30’s.

My husband is 5 years younger than me so as you can probably imagine, this aging business is really testing me. I swear he looks more handsome with every grey hair that pops up. With me, not so much.

Lately my arms and legs have also become problem areas for me. I’ve noticed that my legs have that alligator-skin look, especially on the tops of my thighs. They just look dry all the time and I can see the cracks in my skin. Not a good look for shorts, skirts or a bikini! My arms and hands could also use some help since my skin is so thin.

All this skin-breaking-down-business has been a nightmare for me because I love to wear tank tops, sundresses and v-neck t-shirts that show a little skin. I hate covering up, it reminds me of my age and makes me feel so old. When my friend told me all about Skin Envy and the unbelievable promotion they were offering, it sounded perfect so I checked it out. It was clearly helping her, she looks ten years younger than her age. She told me she had to wait for them to restock and not to be surprised if they were sold out. I got lucky when I went to thier website and ordered the risk free best value kit.

After just one use of Skin Envy, my face, neck and chest felt so silky smooth and the dry, crepey skin immediately showed improvement.

Now that I’ve been using it a full two weeks, I have seen a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin from head to toe.

My complexion never looked better, this stuff was really working. Im telling you, if you can get your hands on a bottle of this you must try it and see for yourself. Its risk free too, so what have you got to loose?

How Skin Envy Works on Your Entire Body’s Aging Areas

Here are the many areas where Skin Envy rejuvenates your body’s skin, known as the “Age-Giveaway” zones.

Your Face – Nothing gives away your age quicker than the dry, criss-crossed wrinkles on your face and around your eyes. Blemishes and age spots dont help either. Ideal for all skin types.

Your Neck – Also known as “the necklace,” it’s the deep folds and creases that form around the neck. The skin on the neck can become crepey, dry and look “crinkly.”

Your Cleavage or décolleté – Our chest can often have the same crepey look and eventually form “fountain lines,” those crinkly creases stemming from your cleavage up through your décolleté, or chest area.

Your Arms – Often called “grandma arms” for lack of a better term, it is the thin, wrinkly skin that appears on the upper arms. Rough elbows are another problem area.

Your Knees – Wrinkly knees and loose skin on and above the knees which keeps you from wanting to wear your favorite shorts.

Your Legs – The thin, dry, scaly skin on the legs that makes you look older than you are, and makes you want to wear pants.

Skin Envy Ingredients – What is in it?

Skin Envy is an all-natural essential oil blend that uses just five 100% pure therapeutic grade oils, carefully blended for aging skin. I did some homework and here is what I found on them:

Frankincense – a powerful astringent, that protects skin cells. It reduces acne blemishes and the appearance of large pores. It is known to prevent wrinkles, and can even lift and tighten skin to naturally slow the signs of aging. The oil can be used anywhere where the skin becomes saggy, such as the abdomen or under the eyes.

Myrrh – a luxurious oil used for helping heal cuts, scars and most importantly, skin toning. It can soothe chapped or cracked skin and helps maintain a healthy complexion.

Sandalwood – a potent antioxidant which minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles caused by free radicals, which promote aging. It is known for its skin nourishment and protection qualities and has used by many ancient civilizations.

Vanilla – a great source of b vitamins and natural anti-inflammatory and antioxidants properties which help maintain an even tone and to protect your entire body against environmental stressors like cold or dry conditions and too much sun exposure.

Coconut – Locks in hydration and provides a protective moisturizing barrier. Helps soften and condition dry, rough skin. It also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that help heal and sooth the skin, leaving it baby soft to the touch.

What’s Included in the Skin Envy promotion?

Skin Envy is currently running a special 50% off promotion on thier 30ml bottles and are offering free 10ml roll-on bottles with each purchase. There are three promotional kits available. I bought the “Best Value” which got me 65% off and 3 free roll-on bottles -and free shipping. All of their products come with a Risk Free money back satisfaction guarantee. The company has a hard time keeping up with demand and sell out often, so order today to get this incredible offer.

How do you use it?

Step 1: Morning

Start the day off by warming a few drops of Skin Envy in the palm of your hand, then apply gently to your face, neck and chest. Use directly on any other problem areas like your arms, hands, Legs and feet.

Step 2: All Day

Use the convenient roll on throughout the day to maintain moisture deep in the skin tissue. Pamper yourself with Skin Envy all day on face, neck and any dry skin or body blemishes that require attention.

Step 3: Night

After washing and cleansing, finish your nightly routine by gently massaging Skin Envy onto your face and neck and anywhere else needed.

My Results from Using Skin Envy after 2 Weeks

My first compliment came within days, when a couple of the girls asked me if I’d been working out more, and said that my legs looked tighter and more defined. I had to laugh because I hadn’t worked out at all that entire month!

My legs became tighter and more firm looking from using Skin Envy because that’s the only thing I did differently. The dry alligator skin I had on my legs is gone already. My legs are soft and moisturized and I don’t see the cracks anymore.

What I’m most excited about is my face, neck and chest – this is where I’ve noticed the most improvement! Even my husband told me my skin looked firmer and younger and he never talks like that. Skin Envy has done wonders for my chest, the crepey, vertical lines and especially the “necklace” lines have been softened and are less noticeable.

Recommendation & Conclusion

After just two weeks of use, I am fascinated with my results from Skin Envy. My face is smoother and feels rejuvenated. The saggy skin on my chest and neck has improved – they look much softer and the wrinkles and rings are less noticeable. My arms and legs look more toned too. From what others have said, I look like I’ve been working out when I haven’t. I’ll take that anyday! I still have some work to go, but my confidence has soared and I couldnt be happier.

Overall, I am very impressed. Skin Envy is gentle, nourishing and soothing to the skin and clearly provides immediate results. My skin has craved it since my first use. I give Skin Envy five stars!

Where to Buy Skin Envy?

Skin Envy is not sold in retail stores, only online. I suggest you order direct from the Skin Envy website now while the product is in stock and take advantage of their incredible discounts and free bottle offer while they last.

UPDATE: These are selling out pretty fast. The company is currently shipping these within 24 hours while in stock and they have several free roll-ons left. They mentioned that once they run out, the promotion will end. They have a Free Shipping offer too. If you want to try this out for yourself, now is the time before this amazing deal expires!

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